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The Safety Beacon for June 2011 is Available!

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The Safety Beacon for June 2011 is Available!  Click here for the lastest in safety news.

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May 27, 2011 at 10:52 am

CAP Members Take Part in Search and Rescue Activity

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Valuable Community Search and Rescue Exercise for IA-007 Squadron Members

Betsy Becker, 2d Lt., CAP
Public Affairs Officer, IA-007
Northwest Iowa Composite Squadron

FORT DODGE – Iowa, On 7 May 2011, eight members of the Northwest Iowa Composite Squadron (NWICS) took part in the Webster County Large Scale Search and Rescue Exercise. The Large Scale Exercise took place at Dolliver State Park near Lehigh. A goal of this exercise was to incorporate different agencies in a search and rescue scenario. Ron Vought, Webster County ARES Coordinator the Webster County CERT Training Coordinator, coordinated the multi agency exercise.

“The Webster County Multi-agency Search and Rescue Exercise were developed to test the overall group’s response and ability to effectively communicate in reaction to a potential, real-life event at a local public park.” stated Vought. “Additionally, this exercise tested each volunteer agency’s Emergency Response Plan.

Members of the NWICS who took part in the exercise were: Capt Cindi Wachholz, Maj Jim Currie, Capt Pam Lehman, 1st Lt Jan Lewandowski, 2nd Lt Betsy Becker, C/Maj Adam Wachholz, C/2nd Lt Isaac Wachholz, and C/TSgt Jacob Lewandowski.

The scenario was established that four Girl Scouts, two chaperones, and three “good Samaritans” had become lost in the woods of Dolliver State Park. The NWICS worked as one search group with the exception of Capt Lehman who was assigned to another search group (this group did have three finds). There were a total of four search and rescue groups comprised of differing agencies.

The CAP ground team leader, Maj Jim Currie, used a CERT radio assigned to them to communicate with Incident Command while our ground team members used ISR radios to communicate with each other. The terrain was quite challenging and the search group broke into three smaller groups to more effectively search the assigned area. After two hours of searching the groups were called back to the Command Center to be reassigned to a new search area.

The area where NWICS was assigned to search did not have any missing persons, but they did get valuable practice of applying CAP search and rescue techniques and looking for clues.

A total of 58 participants took part in this Large Scale Exercise from three counties representing, CERT from Webster and Humboldt counties, HAM operators from Webster, Humboldt, and Kossuth counties, first responders and fire fighters from six local communities.

“It was a very good experience working with other agencies as this is how an actual large scale event would play out. I have been to a multi-agency table top exercise and a local multi agency meeting in the last month and I can see the need for CAP to participate in these opportunities,” stated Capt Wachholz.

The NWICS will have members participate with the Iowa Wing SAREX when they are evaluated by the USAF on 25 June 2011.

Written by Iowa Wing CAP

May 27, 2011 at 10:35 am

May 2011 NCR News Has Been Posted

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The May 2011 issue of NCR News has been posted to the NCR PAO Resources Website ( or you can download it directly at

In this issue you will find features on

*   Northern States Flooding Missions involving Missouri Wing
*   NCR’s Color Guard Competition
*   The South Dakota Wing Conference
*   Future “Soaring Eagles” selected for NCR’s Glider Flight Academy
*   Former MN Wing cadet selected for Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training

We also have a commentary from the Region Commander, a column on how members can use Social Media to tell their CAP Stories, the Member Recognition feature and interesting stories from each our wings as well as a few surprises.

When you are reviewing the newsletter you will find a variety of links to other CAP media. Please take a moment to review that content as well.

We welcome your feedback as well as any stories or images that you would like to share. They can be sent to

Thanks and have a great night.
Al Pabon, Major, CAP

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May 17, 2011 at 8:52 am

Civil Air Patrol to Participate in Quake Drill

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By Stephen Pope / Published: May 11, 2011
Flying Magazine | The World’s Most Widely Read Aviation MagazineThe Civil Air Patrol has been tapped to participate in a major homeland security and disaster response exercise starting on May 16 that will test emergency responders’ ability to handle a massive earthquake in America’s heartland along the seismic-sensitive New Madrid fault.

“CAP is a nationwide organization with a tremendous amount of resources it can provide to the nation in a disaster, no matter how large,” said Col. James Rushing, CAP’s Southeast Region commander, who is the senior agency liaison for this year’s four-day exercise called Ardent Sentry. He performed a similar job during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill response in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

The exercise will include a number of federal, state and local agencies and a large contingent of CAP members. As many as 36 CAP airplanes and aircrews will participate in the drill, said Rushing, including members from six wings — Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky — from four CAP regions. The New Madrid plan also includes support from the Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina and Texas wings.

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May 12, 2011 at 5:26 pm

Members urged to wear uniforms to worship services preceding Memorial Day

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NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS – Civil Air Patrol members are encouraged to wear their service dress or corporate uniform while attending worship services the Saturday or Sunday before Memorial Day.

CAP’s National Executive Council has requested that the organization’s region commanders encourage members to wear their uniform on their day of worship both before Memorial Day and the first weekend in December. CAP will mark its 70th anniversary Dec. 1, and the organization plays a vital role in the Wreaths Across America campaign to honor American veterans throughout the nation and the world the second Saturday of every December.

“Wearing our uniforms in surroundings and circumstances that incorporate reverence and respect reflect some of Civil Air Patrol’s deepest core values,” said Maj. Gen. Amy S. Courter, CAP national commander. “We hope our members choose to represent our organization at this important time in our history – when the nation pays tribute to veterans who have served, fought and died to preserve America’s freedoms.”

Memorial Day this year is observed Monday, May 30.

Written by Iowa Wing CAP

May 11, 2011 at 2:12 pm

the PD Connection – April/May 2011

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Recognition, rewards, and respect… Find out what these have in common in the April-May PD Connection!

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May 11, 2011 at 10:18 am

Two New ICS 400 Class Offerings Posted to the Calendar!

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Col Joe Casler has just informed us that two ICS 400 class offerings are happening this month, both of which have been posted to the Wing calendar for additional reference.

Also, a note from Col Casler… “For those who are interested but cannot attend a mid-week course, please contact me.  I am willing to teach a weekend course if we can find an available and mutually agreeable date.”

Written by Iowa Wing CAP

May 10, 2011 at 2:47 pm

CAP Members Educate the Public While Putting Training to the Test

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1Lt Jessa Brace
Deputy Commander
Southwest Iowa Composite Squadron

RED OAK, IA. — Civil Air Patrol (CAP) members from three squadrons in Iowa and Nebraska converged upon the National Guard Armory in Red Oak the weekend of April 30th to do a little flight line marshaling training. 

The day long training included several courses such as basic communications user training and aircraft ground handling.  Members also got the chance to get out of the classroom and put their newfound knowledge to use on a CAP aircraft under the guidance of flight line supervisors Capt Kern Kemp from the 072nd Des Moines Metro Cadet Squadron and Lt Jason Erickson from the 003rd Southwest Iowa Composite Squadron. 

The training, in preparation for the May 1st fly-in hosted by the Red Oak Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association Ambassadors, served as both a refresher course for more seasoned members as well as an initial look into the flight line specialty qualification for newer members. 

While flight line marshaling was the primary task for CAP members during the fly-in, Mother Nature had other plans.  High winds caused many pilots to rethink their plans of flying Sunday morning.  However, the winds didn’t stop everyone and CAP members out on the flight did get the chance to put their newfound skills to work on roughly 50 incoming aircraft.

In addition to their primary task, CAP members had their own display and were also asked to assist with crowd control.

On display during the fly-in was one of Iowa Wing’s Cessna 172 aircraft and a CAP 15-passenger van.  Due to high winds and the colder weather, a recruiting display featuring a video highlighting the Southwest Iowa Composite Squadron’s activities during the 2010 year was set in the night lobby.  Local cadet and senior members were on hand to greet the fly-in goers and answer questions. 

The highlight of the display for younger attendees was the paper aircraft lab.  Kids of all ages got the chance to sit down with CAP members at one of the tables inside to color and put together a paper shuttle aircraft that, when complete, got the chance to take flight.  The experience, while fun, shined a spotlight on Aerospace Education which is one of the three missions of CAP.

Written by Southwest Iowa Composite Squadron

May 9, 2011 at 2:09 pm

CAP Members Welcome Home A Special Family Member

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Year-long deployment ends with a happy family reunion.

Betsy Becker, 2d Lt., CAP
Public Affairs Officer, IA-007
Northwest Iowa Composite Squadron 

FORT DODGE, IA – After a year of deployment, members of the 875th Replacement Company returned home on April 29th to reunite with their family and friends.

Senior member First Lieutenant (1Lt) Jan Lewandowski and Cadet Technical Sergeant (C/TSgt) Jacob Lewandowski of the IA-007 Northwest Iowa Composite Squadron were on hand to welcome home Sergeant First Class Dan Lewandowski.  He is the husband to Jan and father of Jacob, and his four siblings.  After a short ceremony honoring the returning soldiers they were dismissed to meet with their families.  There was not a shortage of hugs, kisses or tears for the Lewandowskis.

While her husband was stationed at Ft. Benning, GA, Jan was at home in Fort Dodge caring for their family and the day to day activities.  The Lewandowskis have 5 children; Nick-19, Brett-17, Jacob-14, Luke-12, and Anna-10.

“It was difficult for all of us while Dan was deployed.  The kids stayed busy with school, sports, church and CAP activities,” stated Jan Lewandowski, “I felt bad that he was missing out as they grew up.”

It was sometimes difficult for Jan to juggle the schedules of their kids’ activities.  Some days she would ask friends to help get her kids to team practices and games, 4-H meetings, or CAP activities as they sometimes over lapped.  While Dan was stationed in Georgia they communicated daily over the phone and via the computer.  “It helped knowing I could talk with him each day,” stated Jan.

“I talked with my dad every day.  If I had questions or needed help with a project or activity I was able to talk with him,” stated Jacob.  “I look to my dad for advice and guidance.”

He has plans to trap some small animals with his dad this summer as well as build a boat together.  “I really missed him and I look forward to having him home again,” said Jacob.  The “men in the family”  are looking forward to their church’s father/son overnight activity in May.

This was his second and final deployment with the Army Reserve Unit for Lewandowski.  He previously deployed in 2005-06 to Fort Bliss in Texas.  “We learned a lot after my arrival back from that deployment on the adjustment of returning.  I am looking forward to being with my family again.”  In January of 2012 SFC Lewandowski will retire from the Army with over 31 years of service.  Currently, he is full time Army who works with the Army Reserve unit in Fort Dodge.

“While I was in Georgia, I stayed extremely busy with my work and responsibilities.  I felt bad that Jan was at home and was forced to take care of everything,” stated SFC Lewandowski.

The mission of the 875th Replacement Co. was to deploy soldiers and civilians to 32 geographical locations around the world to places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. The soldiers processed over 23,000 troops, Department of Defense personnel, and civilian contractors to ensure they were prepared for whatever tasks they were assigned to do upon leaving Ft. Benning, GA.

The Patriot Guard led the troops from the Iowa State Patrol headquarters south of Fort Dodge to the Army Reserve Center just north of the Fort Dodge Regional Airport.  The Iowa State Patrol and Fort Dodge Police directed traffic and escorted the caravan to ensure their safe arrival.  Members of the community greeted the troops along the route and at the Army Reserve Center waving, saluting, and thanking the soldiers on a job well done.

Written by Northwest Iowa Composite Squadron IA-007

May 9, 2011 at 11:10 am

Senior Member Awards: April 2011

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Paul E. Garber Award

•Maj. Marlo D. Baetke, IA

For a complete listing of all awards, click here.

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May 9, 2011 at 8:55 am

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