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Burlington Composite Squadron Newsletter | High Five – October 2012

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Written by Iowa Wing CAP

October 29, 2012 at 9:27 am

DDR Activities at 2012 Wing Conference Highlight Red Ribbon Week

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Capt Janice Lewandowski
Drug Demand Reduction Administrator
Iowa Wing

DSCN1891CAMP DODGE – JOHNSTON, IA – The 2012 Iowa Wing Conference was held October 12-14, 2012 at Camp Dodge in Johnston, IA . The session on Drug Demand Reduction was led by Iowa Wing Drug Demand Reduction Administrator (DDRA) Capt Janice Lewandowski, with assistance by North Central Region Drug Demand Reduction Coordinator (DDRC) Lt Col Bonnie Braun. Members of the IA-007, C/2dLt Jacob Lewandowski and C/MSgt Luke Lewandowski, both DDR Officer assistants in their squadron, prepared the materials and guided the participants through the activities. The DDR program was explained and information on Red Ribbon Week was shared through the distribution of the red ribbons and red ribbon bookmarks. A group photo was taken with all participants wearing their red ribbons.

Following the discussion, participants went to various activity stations. These included: Distract-O-Match, a homemade Barany Chair, and Fatal Vision goggles. “The goggles are a great way for cadets to experience one aspect of impairment,” stated Iowa DDRA Janice Lewandowski. Cadets and senior members attempted walking the yellow tape line, playing checkers, stacking cups, and reading the letters on a Snellen Eye Chart while wearing the Fatal Vision goggles. While the cadets had fun doing these activities, they were all reminded that to be impaired in any way is a danger to themselves and others.

Following the session, each participant was given a Red Ribbon tote bag filled with DDR promotional items to take with them to encourage a drug-free lifestyle to their peers. Red Ribbon Week was October 23-31. Members were encouraged to wear their Red Ribbon to show their support for a drug-free world and to “Follow your dream and stay clean.”

Written by Iowa Wing CAP

October 27, 2012 at 1:39 pm

Iowa Members Gather to Learn, Lead and Celebrate

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Capt Jessa Erickson
Public Affairs Officer
Iowa Wing

The 2012 Iowa Wing Conference was held October 12-14, 2012 at Camp Dodge in Johnston, IA.  The weekend, which featured 24 learning lab sessions, Drug Demand Reduction (DDR) activities, a Cadet Advisory Council (CAC) meeting and awards banquet, was attended by roughly 100 members from Iowa and surrounding wings including non-CAP family members and other special guests.

The event kicked off on Friday evening with an informal social gathering and DDR activity hosted by the Iowa Wing DDR Officer Capt Jan Lewandowski and North Central Region (NCR) DDR Officer Lt Col Bonnie Braun.  Educational and information materials were on hand for members to look through with a special emphasis on Red Ribbon Week, and cadets were encouraged to participate in creating an anti-drug themed diorama which was then judged the following morning by Iowa Wing Commander Col Ron Scheitzach and NCR Commander Col Robert Todd.  Four awards were handed out: 1st Place – C/2d Lt Jacob Lewandowski, 2nd Place – C/MSgt Luke Lewandowski, 3rd Place – C/CMSgt Austin Lightner and Honorable Mention – Anna Lewandowski.

The general assembly led off Saturday’s events highlighting the state of the Iowa Wing and featured three special guests of the weekend; NCR Commander Col Robert Todd, North Central Liaison Commander Lt Col Paul Peterson and retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt) Robert Dandridge as well as each of the nine Iowa Wing Squadron Commanders, or their representatives, who gave a short message on the state of their squadrons.  To cap off the morning assembly, a few special awards were presented to deserving members and Cadet Luke Hohenberger was presented his promotion to the rank of Cadet Chief Master Sergeant by Col Scheitzach and CMSgt Dandridge.

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CAP observing Red Ribbon Week

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NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS — As they do every fall, many of Civil Air Patrol’s more than 61,000 members are promoting healthy, drug-free lifestyles during their nationwide observance of Red Ribbon Week.

The oldest, largest drug prevention campaign in the U.S., Red Ribbon Week is observed across America Oct. 23-31. This year’s national campaign theme is “The Best Me is Drug Free.”

Throughout the week, CAP wings are encouraging their officers and cadets to show support for a drug-free America by wearing and distributing red ribbons emblazoned with the slogan “Follow Your Dream & Stay Clean” — submitted as the winning entry by a New Mexico Wing cadet, Cadet Tech. Sgt. Spencer Graham of the Thunderbird Composite Squadron, in a nationwide contest last year.

“We normally give out over 200,000 ribbons for all of the volunteers to use,” said Margaret Probst, program assistant for the drug demand reduction program at National Headquarters.

Members are also conducting educational programs at schools in their communities. Using the DDR program’s Red Ribbon Leadership Academy curriculum, officers and cadets speak out against drug use and share leadership lessons with local middle school students.

“We have leaders who are chosen from each of the wings and units. Their job is to promote a drug-free message to cadets,” said Probst, whose office provides many of the materials for community outreach efforts across CAP.

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Written by Iowa Wing CAP

October 25, 2012 at 9:01 am

New online Air Crew Emergency Training course available through eServices

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NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS – Civil Air Patrol’s new Air Crew Emergency Training course is now available online through the organization’s eServices site for members.

The course, found in eServices’ Learning Management System, targets both instructors and crew members. Designed to provide the material and tools required to teach the course, it also focuses supplying information that will help build the members’ knowledge, confidence and basic skills in:

  • Interpreting      flight control positions and instrument indications, as well as charts and      navigation instruments.
  • Using      radios and proper phraseology to communicate needs and intentions in an      emergency.

The course materials are presented in detail, in part because of the possibility that participants may fly regularly as mission observers and can contribute to the operational risk management and crew resource management of the flight. The course’s main purpose, though, is to provide training to nonpilot mission observers, furnishing them with the basic knowledge and skills to respond to an emergency situation in the cockpit should the pilot become incapacitated.

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Written by Iowa Wing CAP

October 24, 2012 at 9:48 am

The Iowa Wing Safety Bulletin for October 2012 is Available!

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The Iowa Wing Safety Bulletin for October 2012 is now Available!  Click here to learn more about the new CAP Safety Management System, plus notification that the 2012 Annual Safety Surveys
are now on line and are available for completion.  Note;  The due date for completed Annual Safety Surveys at Wing Headquarters is 15 Dec 2012!

Written by Iowa Wing CAP

October 24, 2012 at 9:21 am

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AE Newsletter for Fall 2012

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AE Newsletter for Fall 2012

Written by Iowa Wing CAP

October 11, 2012 at 4:14 pm