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Congratulations to C/1st Lt Jacob Lewandowski

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IMG_2637  IMG_2646[1]

C/1st Lt Jacob Lewandowski; Picture taken by Capt. Janice Lewandowski

The members of the Northwest Iowa Composite Squadron took time during their squadron meeting on Saturday, May 9th, 2015 to mark the last squadron meeting for C/1st Lt Jacob Lewandowski.

C/1st Lt Lewandowski will be graduating at the end of this month and leaving to serve in the United States Air Force. Cadet Lewandowski has been in CAP since May of 2009. He has been an active member participating in squadron and Wing events, as well as activities in other Wings. Encampments attended: Basic in KSWG in 2010, WIWG Encampment Support Staff in 2012, and served as Flight Commander at IAWG Encampment in 2013. C/1st Lt Lewandowski had his RCLS training in Kansas in 2012. He has served as the Squadron Cadet Safety Officer, Squadron Cadet DDR Officer, the squadron’s Cadet Advisory Council Representative, and as the Squadron’s Cadet Commander. Lewandowski was recognized with the AFA Award for NCR-IA-007 as the outstanding cadet in 2012 and earned the Iowa Wing 2013 Cadet DDR Programs Cadet Officer of the Year Award. Cadet Lewandowski also was a member of the Cyber Patriot V (2012-2013) and Cyber Patriot VI (2013-2014) teams. The NWICS Cyber Patriot team won First Place in the All Service Division in Iowa for 2012-2013. Achievements of C/1st Lt Lewandowski include CERT Team training in December of 2012 and earning his ES and Basic Ground Team patches. Some of Lewandowski’s favorite CAP experiences include Orientation flights, Fly-Ins and Flight Line Marshaling, SAR-EX’s, serving in the Color Guard at Wing, Squadron and community events, AE at squadron meetings, staffing at encampments, and being able to meet and assist new cadets.

C/1st Lt Lewandowski will be missed at his local squadron and in the Iowa Wing.


Group photo: C/SrA Anna Lewandowski, Capt Jan Lewandowski, C/1st Lt Luke Lewandowski, C/1st Lt Jacob Lewandowski
All members of NCR-IA-007.

Written by Capt Janice Lewandowski


Written by Iowa Wing CAP

May 13, 2015 at 8:04 am

Congratulations to Spaatz Recipient

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Congratulations to Spaatz Recipient #1990 C/Col Noah Schuetz.

C/Col Schuetz is the Iowa Wing Cadet Advisory Council Chairperson and Cadet Commander of the Dubuque Composite Squadron.

THE GENERAL CARL A. SPAATZ AWARD is Civil Air Patrol’s highest cadet honor. It is presented to cadets who have demonstrated excellence in leadership, character, fitness, and aerospace education.

Cadets qualify for this prestigious award after devoting an average of five years to progress through sixteen achievements in the CAP Cadet Program. Along the way they develop self-discipline, a strong sense of personal responsibility, the ability to lead and persuade, and the foundation necessary for pursuing a career in aviation, space, or technology.

The final step a cadet must complete to earn the Spaatz Award is a rigorous four-part exam consisting of a challenging physical fitness test, an essay exam testing their moral reasoning, a comprehensive written exam on leadership, and a comprehensive written exam on aerospace education. Upon passing the Spaatz Award exams, the cadet is promoted to the grade of cadet colonel. The Spaatz Award is named in honor of Carl “Tooey” Spaatz, the first Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force. One of the giants in the history of airpower, in 1929 Spaatz, together with another pilot, set an important flight endurance record of 150 hours and 40 minutes in the early days of aviation. During World War II, he commanded the Allied air campaign against the Nazis. In the Pacific Theater, the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki took place under his command. After retiring from the Air Force, General Spaatz served as the first chairman of the Civil Air Patrol National Board. On average, only two cadets in one thousand earn the Spaatz Award. Since the award’s inception in 1964, Civil Air Patrol has presented the Spaatz Award to only 1,990 cadets nation-wide, including XX from the state of Iowa.

Spaatz Cadets are expected to serve as role models for junior cadets, and become leaders in their communities as they enter adulthood. The first recipient of the Spaatz Award, Michigan’s Douglas C.
Roach, became a pilot with the Air Force Thunderbirds.

Integrity Volunteer Service Excellence Respect

Written by Iowa Wing CAP

May 1, 2015 at 7:56 am

C/1Lt Steven Mester takes Command of Davenport CAP

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United States Air Force Auxiliary

Post Office Box 2154

Davenport, Iowa 52806-2154

C/1Lt Steven Mester takes Command of Davenport CAP

Cadet 1st Lieutenant Steven R. Mester has assumed command of the Davenport Composite Squadron on 5 August 2014. The outgoing cadet commander, C/LTC Roy Schindler will be heading to Vermont for college with a Senior ROTC scholarship. Schindler has been the cadet commander for the Davenport Squadron for a year. During that year, he has led the 20+ cadets in numerous community activities and CAP events. He has also achieved the rank of C/Lieutenant Colonel which is the highest a cadet has ever achieved in the Davenport Squadron. His talents and leadership will be greatly missed.

The incoming commander, C/1Lt Steven Mester brings a vast amount of experience to the squadron. He has been part of the cadet command staff for the past year and has led the cadets of Davenport in numerous activities throughout CAP and the surrounding community. He is also the Commander of the CAP Honor Guard. His most recent endeavor was to be part of the Zulu Squadron at the Great Lakes Encampment in March 2014. Those leadership qualities that he learned there will give him the extra drive needed for him to succeed. His future goals are to enter the Active Duty Air Force after high school graduation 2015.

Good luck to both cadets!

Davenport1 Davenport2

Picture taken by Randy Mester. Pictured picture is C/1Lt Steven Mester, C/1st Lt Steven Mester, Maj John McDermott and C/LTC Roy Schindler

Written by Iowa Wing CAP

August 15, 2014 at 8:38 am

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2012-2013 Quality Cadet Unit Award Winners Announced

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272 units earned the title “Quality Cadet Unit” for 2012-2013.  Certificates will be sent out to the wings in October.  The list of winners and the data is available at

I am excited to announce that 5 Iowa squadrons earned the award this year, including: the Southwest Iowa Composite Squadron, Northwest Iowa Composite Squadron, Davenport Composite Squadron, Des Moines Metro Cadet Squadron and Cedar Rapids Composite Squadron.  Congratulations on a job well done!

Written by Iowa Wing CAP

September 12, 2013 at 4:09 pm

Cadet Awards: July 2013

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Amelia Earhart Award   
• Noah J. Schuetz, IA

Gen. Billy Mitchell Award   
• Harlan C. Horst, IA

Written by Iowa Wing CAP

August 14, 2013 at 3:58 pm

Air Force Association names outstanding cadets of the year

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VIRGINIA — The Air Force Association in Arlington has announced the 2013 awards for outstanding cadets from Civil Air Patrol squadrons, Junior ROTC high school units and ROTC detachments across the nation. “AFA is proud to honor the hard work of these students throughout the Civil Air Patrol, ROTC and JROTC programs,” said Jerry White, AFA’s vice chairman of the board for aerospace education. “This year’s recipients stand out from their peers by showcasing exemplary leadership skills and dedication to their education goals. AFA honors their achievements and we

congratulate them on their success.” A complete list of CAP’s award recipients can be found here on AFA’s new website.

Written by Iowa Wing CAP

July 15, 2013 at 11:17 am

Civil Air Patrol Cadet Soars SOLO

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Maj Cindi Wachholz
Asst. Public Affairs Officer
Iowa Wing

AMES, IA – It was a dream come true for Cadet First Lieutenant (C/1st Lt) Isaac Wachholz, of the Northwest Iowa Composite Squadron (NWICS), Civil Air Patrol (CAP) who on 2 July 2013, flew his first glider solo at the Ames Regional Airport.

After attending the North Central Region Glider Academy in Mankato, MN, in 2011, Cadet Wachholz was determined to do what was necessary to solo in the Civil Air Patrol’s glider program. “Coordinating glider instructors and tow pilots and the two hour drive to the glider’s location were only small challenges compared to the uncooperative weather we have here in Iowa,” stated the enthusiast C/1st Lt Wachholz.

Logging more than 20 hours with his instructors from the Glider Academy and Capt Paul Kaufmann, Certified Flight Instructor for Gliders (CGIF) in the Iowa Wing, Wachholz was given the opportunity to solo in a Blanik L23s. Being a Center of Excellence in CAP’s glider program, the Iowa Wing uses every opportunity to train cadets to achieve this high point in their CAP career. The Blanik L23s is new to Iowa as it was recently donated from the U. S. Air Force Academy. “Cadet Wachholz made history for our squadron,” commented Maj Jim Currie, NWICS Commander, “by becoming our first student glider pilot to solo.”

The Civil Air Patrol’s Glider Program gives cadets a rich experience in aviation by promoting aerospace education, soaring, and introducing aviation opportunities for America’s youth. C/1Lt Wachholz is the Cadet Commander at his squadron, which meets at the Ft. Dodge Regional Airport. He mentors his fellow cadets in Aerospace Education and received the USAF Silver Award for his outstanding performance in his squadron. When asked about his future in aviation, C/1st Lt Wachholz responded; “KEEP FLYING and encourage others to go through the process.” He concluded, “Conquering the challenges of powerless flight is an amazing feeling!”

Written by Iowa Wing CAP

July 8, 2013 at 11:23 am