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Courter to members: July 4 fireworks ‘celebrate the American spirit that you embody’

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Dear CAP Volunteer:

The Fourth of July is America’s birthday, a celebration — sometimes poignant — of what it has taken to attain and retain our country’s 235 years of freedom. On this day, we celebrate our rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This day should also be a reminder of why you pour your talents and energies into one of America’s finest volunteer organizations — going above and beyond every day to strengthen and renew your communities.

First and foremost, you are individuals of integrity, honor and character. America and its citizens can depend on you. Through CAP’s multifaceted missions, you have promised to save, to rescue, to provide disaster relief, to nurture and teach our country’s youth and to promote the relevance of aerospace. You’ve made good on those promises and continue to pursue them, sometimes at great personal sacrifice.

Second, you genuinely care about your fellow citizens and your country. The one undeniable proof of the depth of your concern is that you are a volunteer. You are not being paid for your services. In fact, it may cost you to provide them. Yet you continue to look on your CAP service as a duty, one you perform gladly and without hesitation.

And finally, you are a patriot. Your heart swells when the national anthem is played. A tear collects in your eye at a veteran’s grave. You understand service beyond self.  In a speech I attended in 2008, President George W. Bush called volunteers “Armies of Compassion.” You are indeed a compassionate patriot, and CAP is a team working together to achieve our missions for America.

Know that when the Fourth’s fireworks bloom in the night sky, they celebrate the American spirit that you embody. Be proud of yourself! Be proud to be a member of CAP! Be proud to be an American!

Always vigilant!

Maj. Gen. Amy S. Courter
CAP National Commander

Written by Iowa Wing CAP

June 28, 2011 at 2:42 pm

Thank A Veteran With A Wreath Sponsorship

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2d Lt Betsy Becker
Public Affairs Officer
Northwest Iowa Composite Squadron


Local Civil Air Patrol unit participating in wreath-laying salute to veterans

FORT DODGE – IA.  Members of Civil Air Patrol Northwest Iowa Composite Squadron (NWICS) based in Fort Dodge are proud to partner once more with Wreaths Across America, a nonprofit organization that recognizes the courage and sacrifices of U.S. veterans by placing wreaths on the graves of the fallen during the holiday season.

“Our mission is to remember the fallen, honor those who serve and teach our children the value of freedom,” said 2d Lt Betsy Becker, the NWICS point of contact for the Wreaths Across America project.  “Thousands of CAP members participate each year to help honor those veterans who have sacrificed for our country.  With CAP’s help, this project has continued to see remarkable growth.”

This year, in tribute to the 25 million men and women who have served in the U.S. armed forces — guarding and preserving America’s freedom throughout history — wreaths from Maine’s Worcester Wreath Co. will be placed on 200,000 veterans’ graves at more than 500 cemetery or memorial sites in all 50 states, as well as 24 foreign locations. Civil Air Patrol is a fundraiser for Wreaths Across America, and its members also lead or participate, often with color and honor guards, in many of the ceremonies at cemeteries and war memorials.

The NWICS will be participating with the Iowa Veterans Cemetery in Adel, IA and is currently accepting wreath sponsorships through November 15, 2011.  Each wreath sponsorship is $15 made out to Wreaths Across America.  Unfortunately at this time, grave specific wreath sponsorships cannot be made.

Wreaths Across America culminates on Dec. 10 with thousands of wreaths placed on gravesites at Arlington National Cemetery and numerous ceremonies held at many of Arlington’s memorials, including the Tomb of the Unknowns. Several other ceremonies, new this year, will be held later that day, including one at war memorials along the National Mall. Simultaneous ceremonies will be held throughout the day at veterans’ cemeteries and memorials nationwide and abroad.

“Laying the wreaths is an honor to our veterans, a service to our communities and a learning experience for our members,” said NWICS Capt Cindi Wachholz.

Wreaths Across America began in 2006 as an offshoot of the Arlington National Cemetery wreath project, which was started in 1992 with the annual placement of wreaths donated by Worcester Wreath Co., which is owned by the Worcester family. Since its inception five years ago, Wreaths Across America has experienced tremendous growth.

Contact Cindi Wachholz at or Betsy Becker at 515-295-2210 for questions or to sponsor a wreath.

Written by Northwest Iowa Composite Squadron IA-007

June 24, 2011 at 2:54 pm

Iowa Civil Air Patrol Undergoes Air Force Evaluation

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DUBUQUE, IA – On June 25, 2011, the Iowa Wing of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) will be participating in an evaluated search and rescue exercise (SAREX) training event to be held in Dubuque and surrounding communities.

The exercise, planned and evaluated by the United States Air Force (USAF), is conducted every two years and is designed to test the effectiveness and readiness of the Iowa Wing’s Emergency Services ground and air crews.

“The Air Force takes a look at the Iowa Wing and its proficiency in search and rescue and disaster relief operations,” stated Col Joe Casler, the Incident Commander for the exercise.

Local units from all over the state of Iowa will be participating out of the Dubuque Regional Airport this weekend to conduct practice missions while accompanied by USAF personnel. Areas included in the evaluation are; ground teams, air crews, the equipment and above all- safety.

“In previous years, the Iowa Wing of the Civil Air Patrol has scored high marks in their evaluated search and rescue exercise,” stated Col Ron Scheitzach, Commander of the Iowa Wing.

Over 50 participants are expected to take part in the exercise.

Written by Iowa Wing CAP

June 22, 2011 at 5:46 pm

CAP and Iowa Aviation Promotion Group Team up To Bring Flying To Kids

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1st Lt Jessa Brace
Deputy Commander
Southwest Iowa Composite Squadron

RED OAK, IA – The Red Oak Municipal Airport, in conjunction with the Iowa Aviation Promotion Group and local EAA members, recently held its annual Youth Day Camp on Saturday June 18th.  Along with local pilots and members from the Southwest Iowa Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol, 25 area youth from Clarinda and Red Oak to Audubon spent the morning learning about aviation and aviation related careers.

The 4-hour day camp, hosted at the Red Oak Airport, featured interactive lessons on pre-flight checks, aircraft maintenance, weather and the Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education program.  Each youth  also got the chance to participate in a 15-minute flight with an EAA Young Eagle pilot before concluding the day with a pizza party and certificate presentation complete with t-shirt and balsa wood plane.

For its part, CAP focused largely on introducing the youth to the Civil Air Patrol, its rich history, and what it has to offer both in the field of aviation and how it ties to its other 2 main programs; Emergency Services and the Cadet Program.

Participants, led by Squadron Commander Capt Jason Erickson, got the chance to see what kind of equipment is used by CAP members during a search and rescue exercise, both on the ground and in the air, as well a demonstration of how it works.  The youth also got an up-close look at the Cessna 172 CAP aircraft that is housed in Red Oak, which included a look at special equipment on the plane that is used to tow gliders.

CAP Senior Member David Paul, a local pilot and instructor at the airport, worked with the youth to conduct pre-flight checks on an aircraft which included a fuel sample test, making sure all of the lights worked properly as well as checking to make sure no visible signs of damage were present.

The Iowa Aviation Promotion Group, in partnership with the Iowa Space Grant Consortium, Iowa DOT Office of Aviation, sponsoring airports, and aviation groups such as the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), has held half day Iowa Youth Aviation Camps at various locations in Iowa.  In 33 camps held 2006 through 2010, over 1100 youngsters have attended. –

For additional photos – click here.

Written by Southwest Iowa Composite Squadron

June 21, 2011 at 8:00 am

National Call-In set for June 29-30 for Congressional Gold Medal proposal

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Dear CAP Member

I’m asking for your help in honoring our CAP World War II volunteers for the hazardous combat and humanitarian missions they flew as civilians during the war. They never received the recognition and honors they deserved for their unusual service at a critical time for the nation.

Recently two bills (HR 719 and S 418) were introduced in Congress to award CAP the Congressional Gold Medal (CGM) for its World War II operations. CAP would receive a single CGM to honor our WWII members and each identified living veteran or the family of those deceased would receive a replica of the medal.

Because the CGM is considered the highest Congressional recognition given, Congress has set the bar very high for this award. Before relevant committees will consider awarding the medal to an individual or group each bill must have 2/3 of the House and the Senate as cosponsors. That is 290 Representatives and 67 Senators.

Your help is needed to get those cosponsors during a special National Call-In during June 29 and 30. During the two-day period I’m asking CAP members and friends to contact their Congressional Representative and two Senators to ask that they become cosponsors. Every call is necessary in order to fully gain the attention of those Members of Congress who have not yet become cosponsors.

This is our one chance to honor our World War II members before all are no longer with us. On May 25 we lost another Coastal Patrol veteran when Melvin Daniels of North Carolina passed on. Time is clearly running out.

Please join your fellow CAP members as they contact their Congressional offices on June 29 and 30. I’ve attached background information as well as some tips for your use. I also ask that you please keep your wing commander apprised of any results via email. Wing commanders should pass those results on to their region commander (who will forward this information to CAP’s Washington Representative, John Swain). If you have any questions you can email John Swain at or Lt Colonel Jack Faas at

Thank you for your help with this very important matter.


Major General, CAP

Written by Iowa Wing CAP

June 20, 2011 at 2:40 pm

Top cadets headed for spotlight in national competition

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NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS – A total of 152 highly skilled Civil Air Patrol cadets from across the nation will compete in the 2011 National Cadet Competition from June 22-27 at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.

Special guests will include senior Air Force personnel, elected representatives and members of the general public.

“As is tradition, Civil Air Patrol is proud to once again showcase the best CAP color guards and drill teams in the 2011 National Cadet Competition,” said Maj. Gen. Amy S. Courter, national commander. “For more than 60 years, this contest has inspired generation after generation of cadets to strive for excellence.”

Cadets participating in the national competition earn the right to attend by winning group, wing and regional competitions. Each of CAP’s eight regions will be represented by a four-member color guard and a 13-member drill team. Each team also includes an alternate member for the national competition.

Cadets will demonstrate their skills in events that involve precision and teamwork, such as innovative and standard drill movements and indoor and outdoor posting of the American flag. Other activities test creativity and knowledge of aerospace-related topics, including a written exam and panel quiz, as well as physical fitness challenges involving volleyball and a mile run.

Inspections and drill competition will be judged by a team including senior CAP officers and members of the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard. The volleyball competition will be judged by volleyball professionals according to USA Volleyball Domestic Competition rules.

Top cadets in several categories, including top written score and fastest mile run, will also be honored.

This is the fifth year the completion has been held in Dayton. The competition typically moves every two years.

The 2009 and 2010 competitions were held at Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville, Ore., as part of CAP’s partnership with Evergreen International Aviation Inc.

“CAP is excited to come back to Ohio,” said Lt. Col. Roger Middleton, director for the competition. “The civic, academic and business communities, along with the folks at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, always give us outstanding support.”

Great Lakes Region

Color Guard

Wisconsin Wing
Fox Cities Composite Squadron
• Cadet Senior Master Sgt. David Ama
• Cadet Staff Sgt. Michael Lang
• Cadet Tech Sgt. Jacob Reuter
• Cadet Master Sgt. Evan Thomsen
• Alternate: Cadet Master Sgt. Alex Roberts

Drill Team

Ohio Wing
Youngstown ARS Composite Squadron
• Cadet 1st Lt. Ryan Cain
• Cadet 2nd Lt. Jared Holt
• Cadet Chief Master Sgts. Nathaniel Forrider and Wyatt Hartman
• Cadet Senior Master Sgts. Megan Beatty, Daniel Kennedy, Aubry Lindauer and Brendin Peters
• Cadet Master Sgts. Daniel Clegg, Leo Lindauer and Mercer Martin
• Cadet Staff Sgt. Austen Peters
• Cadet Airman 1st Class Lauren Holt
• Alternate: Cadet Master Sgt. Seth Staudacher

Middle East Region

Color Guard

Maryland Wing
Mount Airy Composite Squadron
• Cadet Chief Master Sgts. Megan Bassett, Aaron Huie and Joshua Flanick
• Cadet Staff Sgt. Keith Lohoefer
• Alternate: Cadet Senior Airman Ashley Petersen

Drill Team

North Carolina Wing
Apex Cadet Squadron
• Cadet Maj. Peter Barrow
• Cadet 1st Lt. Matthew Ahlers
• Cadet 2nd Lts. Andrew Bills, Ryan Beaver, Alec Forester, Chris Pitillo and Justin Strug
• Cadet Chief Master Sgts. Kyle Stickney and Nathan Wilson
• Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Philip Ahlers
• Cadet Staff Sgts. James Barrow and Jarod Diehl
• Cadet Senior Airman Katelyn Stickney
• Alternate: Cadet 2nd Lt. Zac Cook

North Central Region

Color Guard

Nebraska Wing
Gen. Curtis Lemay Offutt Composite Squadron
• Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Matthew Callahan
• Cadet Senior Airman Edward A. Moss
• Cadet Airman 1st Class Kifton B. Opocensky
• Cadet Staff Sgt. Connor R. Ullom
• Alternate: Cadet Master Sgt. Allison R. Tweedt

Drill Team

Minnesota Wing
North Hennepin Composite Squadron
• Cadet 2nd Lts. Caitlin Albrecht, Matthew Bruffey, Kris Gimaldi, Reuben Miller and Jasmine Sands
• Cadet Chief Master Sgts. Frank Albrecht and Jake Teter
• Cadet Senior Master Sgts. Mathew Dahlager and Sam Kessler
• Cadet Staff Sgts . Stephanie Sawina and Garan Williams
• Cadet Senior Airman Nathan Hoffman
• Alternate: Cadet Airman 1st Class Matthew Kobberdahl

Northeast Region

Color Guard

Massachusetts Wing
Westover Composite Squadron
• Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Joseph Goodreau
• Cadet Master Sgts. Ryan Miller and Jillian O’Brien
• Cadet Staff Sgt. Danny O’Connell

Drill Team

New Jersey Wing
Air Victory Museum Composite Squadron
• Cadet Staff Sgt. Paul Ignarri
• Cadet Airman 1st Class Brandon McCoy

Atlantic County Composite Squadron
• Cadet Tech Sgt. Adam Monteith

Bayshore Composite Squadron
• Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Jeremy Wei
• Cadet Master Sgt. Alexandra Dwyer
• Cadet Tech Sgt. Carolyn Rehm

Curtiss-Wright Composite Squadron
• Cadet Capt. Ryan Mellody

Maj. Thomas B. McGuire Jr. Composite Squadron
• Cadet 2nd Lt. Matthew Romanuski

Plainfield Composite Squadron
• Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Aaron Sauerhoff
• Cadet Tech. Sgt. Salonika Kakoulakis
• Alternate: Cadet Airman Sophie Neumaier

Teaneck Composite Squadron
• Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Nadine DeCristofaro
• Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Jacob DeCristofaro
• Cadet Tech Sgt. Joseph DeCristofaro

Pacific Region

Color Guard

California Wing
Skyhawk Composite Squadron 47
• Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Sean Wollaston
• Cadet Master Sgt. Nicholas Chun
• Cadet Staff Sgt. J. Russel Console
• Cadet Staff Sgt. Corbin White
• Alternate: Cadet Master Sgt. Joseph Heo

Drill Team

California Wing
Butte County Composite Squadron 95
• Cadet Capt. Christopher Donohoe
• Cadet 1st Lts. Kyle Akin, Nathan Beck and David Skillin
• Cadet 2nd Lt. Nathan Skillin
• Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Sarah Gamble

Eugene L. Carnahan Cadet Squadron 85
• Cadet Capts. Mary Barb and Evan Yanagihara
• Cadet 2nd Lt. John Barb
• Cadet Chief Master Sgts. Jacob Bernal, Kimberly Kaita and Anthony Smith-Garcia

Travis Composite Squadron 22
•  Cadet 2nd Lt. Elijah Marquez

California Aerospace Academy Composite Squadron
• Alternate: Cadet 2nd Lt. Larry Zaragoza

Rocky Mountain Region

Color Guard

Colorado Wing
Thompson Valley Composite Squadron
• Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Jensyn Reece
• Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Desariah Santillanez
• Cadet Tech Sgts. Brad Knab and Brent Mason
• Alternate: Cadet 2nd Lt. Daniel Rodgers

Drill Team

Colorado Wing
Thompson Valley Composite Squadron
• Cadet Capt. Skylar Caldwell
• Cadet 2nd Lt. Jordan Fisher, Michael Murphy and Callum Schneider
• Cadet Chief Master Sgts.  Walter Bordewyk, Joshua Cramer and Alex Nuckols
• Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Jacob Schafer
• Cadet Senior Airmen Julia Bailey, Jeremy Ellenberg, Jonah Moss and Joy Robinson
• Cadet Airman Moriah Higgins
• Alternate: Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Calvin Yingling

Southeast Region

Color Guard

Florida Wing
Tamiami Composite Squadron
• Cadet Chief Master Sgts. John Fields, Jennifer Rodriquez and Jesenia Silva
• Cadet Master Sgt. Juan Contijoch
• Alternate: Cadet Staff Sgt. Isaac Redmond

Drill Team

Puerto Rico Wing
Dr. Cesareo Rosa-Nieves Cadet Squadron
• Cadet Lt. Cols. Felix R. Davila, Michael Estrada and Hector J. Rodriguez
• Cadet Maj. Edgar O. Negron
• Cadet Capts. Samuel Estrada, Alexander Galarza, Jesmar Nieves, Hector G. Ramos, Juan N. Salazar and Angel R. Valle
• Cadet Senior Master Sgts. Orlando Rohena and Estigward M. Santana
• Cadet Senior Airman Oscar R. Rivera
• Alternate: Cadet Maj. Genesis Marrero

Southwest Region

Color Guard

Texas Wing
Frisco Cadet Squadron
• Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Austin York
• Cadet Master Sgt. Sean Whitney
• Cadet Tech Sgt. Andrew Reed, Providence Village
• Cadet Senior Airman Michael Hashe
• Alternate: Cadet Staff Sgt. Joseph Brands

Drill Team

Texas Wing
Sheldon Cadet Squadron
• Cadet 1st Lt. Tristan Edwards and Daiquon Lucas
• Cadet 2nd Lt. Joshua Phillips
• Cadet Chief Master Sgts. Juan Coronado, Jorge Calvan, Arianna Gonzalez, Marcus Johnson, Christianjaye Pena, Chrisabel Rocha and Lewis Yarbrough
• Cadet Senior Master Sgts. Katrina Girod and Monica Salazar
• Cadet Master Sgt. Anthony Galeano
• Alternate: Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Sabrina Pena

Written by Iowa Wing CAP

June 16, 2011 at 4:38 pm

Des Moines Metro Cadet Squadron Honors Servicemen’s Sacrifice

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SM Kelly Kemp
Public Affairs Officer
Des Moines Metro Cadet Squadron

DES MOINES, IA. – For the past three years the Des Moines Metro Cadet Squadron (DMMCS) has honored our nation’s fallen military heroes by serving as the color guard at the Ft. Des Moines Museum’s Memorial Day Observance ceremony.

This year’s May 30th ceremony, opened up with the DMMCS Color Guard presenting the American Flag and featured the Night Wing band from Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska playing the National Anthem. Tearful onlookers watched with pride and memories of our fallen service men and women.

KCCI News Channel 8 was present to capture the event as the community gathered to commemorate the day.

DMMCS color guard members participating in the event included C/Capt James Eimers, C/2d Lt Jacob Eimers, C/Amn Ali Nielsen and C/Amn Dillon Hauser.  Additional DMMCS members present at the observance included Squadron Commander Lt Col Allen Chilcote, Lt Col Susan Chilcote, 2d Lt Matthew Chilcote, 2d Lt Jason Bittner, C/SMSgt James Ratekin, C/Amn Derrick Doremus and Cadet Sponsor Margaret Eimers.

Written by Iowa Wing CAP

June 15, 2011 at 12:00 pm